Frisby Quality Services (FQS)
Quality Consultant and Mapping Services in the pharmaceutical & healthcare industries
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Temperature & RH Mapping

(Thermal Mapping / Qualification)

FQS offer an onsite service which includes Temperature and relative humidity mapping/Thermal Qualification assessing the area for compliance with required storage conditions.  The area is mapped and assessed against the required standards and regulations.

Temperature and relative humidity (RH) mapping /Thermal mapping is essential to remain in compliance and to ensure product can remain stable for the full shelf life.  Temperature mapping also known as thermal mapping, thermal validation, temperature validation and room qualification.

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Qualified Person & Responsible Person

Contract Qualified Person: Registered with the Irish Medicines Board to release medicinal product from pharmaceutical companies for numerous markets e.g. European, Australian, Japan and American.

Contract Responsible Person: Registered with the Irish Medicines Board to maintain wholesale licence to store and distribute medicinal product.

QP/RP will review documentation and system to ensure compliance with requirements.


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About Frisby Quality Services (FQS)

FQS Ltd was set up in 2005 by Director Irene Frisby.  Irene is a Qualified Person (QP).  FQS Ltd., provide temperature and relative humidity (RH) mapping services, contract Qualified Person/Responsible Person (QP/RP), training, compliance and consultancy services to the pharmaceutical, healthcare and related industries.
FQS is dealing with a vast range of regulatory bodies for example IMB, FDA, MHRA and Saudi Arabian Regulatory Body, ensuring compliance with customer and regulatory requirements.

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